Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10″ fan

This Ozeri fan is super quite, you wouldnt even know it was on. This fan is small enough to sit on your dresser, desk, counter, etc… it doesnt take up much space and omg you can feel it from across the room. You would think oh this little ole fan doesnt have alot of blow to it. But believe me you can feel it as if it was sitting right next to you from across the room. The Oscillating of the fan keeps the whole room feeling comfortable. I would highly recommend thia to anyone needing an awesome fan. If you ave limited space this is your fan for sure because it is small and can almost fit anywhere. I got this product for free from the seller, I am stating my opinions about the product honestly and truthfully. #ad #sponsored #gotitfree #review #ozeri #fan #ML2R #mommasluv2review you can purchase one here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004Z1CGTI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_vb0tybF5PJ05C


Magnifeko karaoke mic

This bluetooth wireless karaoke mic is a great addition into our house. We are always singing and doing karaoke. It takes a little tweeking to figure out the sound of the music with the tempo of your voice. But once you get it it sounds great.the slender end is the mic and the bottom portion is the speaker. The sound comes in clear and is super loud. My kid walks around just listening to the music playing through it and sings every once in a while, whenever he knows the words. 

 I have synced the mic into my phone and my ipad. They both synced easily. I usually use them mostly for our singing nights so it works out great that the mic synced so easily. Great product for yourself or a gift for the singer in your life. I got this product discounted from the seller. This is my opinion of the magnifeko bluetooth wireless karaoke mic and solely my opinion. #ad #sponsored #gotitdiscounted #RedHotReviews #RHR #magnifeko #karaoke #review You can purchade one here:


Ozeri set of 4 double wall thermo glasses

These have got to be my favorite glasses besides my tumbler. Each glass holds just the right amount of coffee, milk, orange juice, etc. I dont know about some people but I cant drink those drinks in huge increments, any more than 8 ounces and I feel bloated. 

They are double walled so whenever you are drinking hot drinks the heat wont burn your hands and cold drinks wont make your hands fridged. Also it does not dew on the outside of the glass and I love that the glasses have that groove in them. This makes it easier for me as well my kiddos to grab and hold on too, especially while walking around. I havent noticed a difference in whether it keeps my drinks hotter or colder for longer honestly. My drinks usually dont last that long, lol. 

The one and only reason i dislike these glasses is because they take up alot of cabinet space. They dont stack well either. I have very little cabinet space and since the glasses dont stack they take up the entire bottom shelf. Other than that these are my favorite. I got these ozeri glasses for free, i am reviewing them in my own words and as a courtesy. 

#ad #sponsored #gotitfree #review #ozeri #ML2R #mommasluv2review 

You can purchase yours here: https://www.amazon.com/Ozeri-Serafino-Insulated-Beverage-Glasses/dp/B00D1AXYAO/ref=pd_ybh_a_5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=QWJR8W6ZQZFW8FGDFAQX

Ozeri 5 piece knife set 

This knife set comes in a handy box, for easy storage. The top left hand corner of the box has a built in sharpener. This comes in handy whenever your in a hurry and need to sharpen your knife. No more looking for one in your utensil drawer.

The knives are super sharp and very well made. The handles are made in the knives. So the handle and knives are one piece. It comes also with a protective sleeve for the tip of the knife. I dont know if those are meant to stay on there after every use or if that was just for packing safety. But I intend to use them all the time to protect the tip from damage. 

The knives are so sharp. They cut through everything I have used them for like butter. I think the whole in the knives help cutting straight through the items without difficulty.

These can be a great addition to anyones kitchen. I recieved this product for free and I am doing a review on these knives as a courtesy.#ad #sponsored #review #gotitfree #ozeri #knives #TNT #topnotchtesters  

You can purchase yours: here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LWK868K/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Meanor dress

​This Meanor dress is solid black, made from cotton and polyester, it also has some stretch to it to move freely. The sleeves are long and fit appropriately at my wrist. The chest and shoulders are very comfortable, I can move easily in this dress. The front side of the dress is shorter than the back and the proportions are on point. The breast seams are where they need to be and even with the breast. There is a midstream seam, im not sure if it is suppose to go under the breast or for the actual midline (stomach) area.  All of the seams are flawless though, I havent seen any broken or loose stitches anywhere. 

I love the flow of this dress. While you are walking it flows with your movements. I will probably wear a fashion belt or scarf with this dress because it is only black and I need to add some color. Whenever I raise my arms the dress does come up slightly but not enough to show anything personal. I love this dress and the way it looks on me.  #ad #sponsored #gotitdiscounted #StarReviews #meanor #review you can get one to here:


30 oz tumbler handle 

This includes ​30 oz. Tumbler handle only.It fits any brand of the tumblers, I have 2 different brands of the 30 oz tumblers and it fits on both of them like a glove. This handle is very strong and durable. Once the handle is in place it sticks and does not move around or slide off. ❤❤❤ this handle. I use my tumbler all the time and this handle makes it so much easier to carry  around or even pick up. In the handle there are finger grips making it easier to grip on to and firmly stay in position. You wont lose grip with wetness on the handle. It is easy to clean, hard to get off but i like it that way. Usually i just wash it with the tumbler. I got this product for free for trying it out. #30oztumblerhandle #gotitfree #ad #review #sponsored #TQR

You can buy one too here. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01M5AOQNB/ref=ya_aw_od_pi?ie=UTF8&psc=1